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Bagpipes and Bagpipe Culture in Slovakia

Bagpipes and Bagpipe Culture in Slovakia

Bagpipes and Bagpipe Culture in Slovakia 2068 2000 Centrum pre tradičnú ľudovú kultúru
Bagpipes belonging to traditional instruments, as well as entire bagpipe culture comprising expressions and knowledge associated with bagpipes and their use, represent a long continual music tradition of peasants and shepherds who lived on the territory of Slovakia. Due to the natural intergenerational transmission this important cultural and historical phenomenon has persevered until today.

Concerning construction, the types of bagpipes used in Slovakia belong to the broader context of Central Europe. However, many of their attributes represent identifi cation signs of the traditional folk culture in Slovakia, for instance: technological methods of bagpipes’ construction, aesthetical forms of instruments, local as well as individual styles of bagpipe interpretation, song and dance repertoire, rituals associated with bagpipes, texts of bagpipe songs and a folk oral tradition associated with bagpipes.

Proposal by

Slovak Bagpipers Guild

Year of Inscription


Certificate number


Gajdy a gajdošská kultúra na Slovensku

The element has been inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Culture Heritage of Humanity in 2015 under the name "Bagpipe culture".