Slovak sign language

Slovak sign language

Slovak sign language 3000 2000 Centrum pre tradičnú ľudovú kultúru

Slovak sign language is the language of the Community of Slovak Deaf People[1] with a unique historical development, representing an important cultural value of Slovakia. The linguistic elements, names, word formation, as well as the grammatical categories of the sign language are specifically linked to Slovakia’s geographical space, which is confirmed by the fact that a universal sign language used worldwide does not exist. Slovak sign language appeared in Bratislava back to the beginning of the 1830s, at a school for hearing impaired pupils in Slovakia, which had a large impact on the development of the Slovak sign language and culture of the deaf people. The deaf established various clubs and associations in order to be able to meet and communicate in Slovak sign language as their first language. The current form of culture of the Deaf People in Slovakia is handed down within the community and beyond by deaf artists or artists dedicated to this culture. There are films produced in Slovak sign language, paintings showing signs, theatre groups using Slovak sign language, as well as songs, poetry, or jokes spoken or written in Slovak sign language. The sign language is not only a means of communication, but above all a tool for the dissemination of Slovak traditions, customs, values, and beliefs transmitted from generation to generation, thus becoming the most important communication instrument of Deaf People and the bearer of their cultural heritage with which Deaf People identify themselves. However, the cultural value of the sign language reaches far beyond the Deaf People’s community.

[1] The text respects the name as used by the members of the community of bearers.

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