Slovenský ľudový umelecký kolektív

Traditional Manual Bell Ringing and the Bell Founders´Role in Slovakia

Inscription in: 2011

Proposal by:  Mgr. Juraj Gembický, Košice

Number of certificate: KCTLK-RZNKD-2011/020

Definition of element

Bells, as both musical instruments and ritual objects, have been used in several cultures of the world as the means of summoning people to religious services, announcing the time, deaths, arrivals of honorary visitors, warnings before danger, fi res or fl oods, the means of preventing storms and gales and announcing lots of other occurrences related to people’s lives since the times unknown.

Traditional manual ringing and the bell founder’s post in Slovakia can be defined as traditional and best techniques of making bells ring. Bells and traditional manual ringing, which is inseparable from the bell founder’s job, have been a signifi cant part of the identity, culture and historical tradition in our territory since the most ancient period of our national history until today. The tradition is defi nitely confi rmed by numerous evidence, documents and references in material and written historical sources.