Slovenský ľudový umelecký kolektív

Representative List of Slovakia

Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovakia

Name of element Year Proposal by  
Fujara - the Musical Instrument and its Music 2010 Community of Traditional music Pro Musica more info
The Radvaň Fair 2011 City of Banská Bystrica more info
"Aušus" Services of Špania Dolina Miners 2011 Miners Brotherhood "Herrengrund" from Špania Dolina more info
Music of Terchová   2011 Municipality of Terchová more info
Traditional Manual Bell Ringing and the Bell Founders Tradition in Slovakia 2011 Mgr. Juraj Gembický, Košice more info
Ornaments in Čičmany 2013 Municipality of Čičmany more info
Salamander in Banská Štiavnica 2013 City of Banská Štiavnica more info
Traditional Puppetry in Slovakia 2013 Slovak Centre of Traditional Culture more info
Bagpipes and the Bagpipes Culture in Slovakia 2013 Slovak Bagpipers Gulid more info
Blueprint 2015 Centre for Folk Art Production more info
Multipart Singing in Horehronie Region 2015 Civic Association OPORA Pohorelá more info
The Vajnory Ornament 2016 Civic Association Podobenka from Vajnory more info
Tulle bobbin lace from the Myjava Highlands 2016 Centre of Traditional Culture in Myjava more info

Register of Best Safeguarding Paracticies in Slovakia

Name of activity Year Proposal by  
The School of Crafts ÚĽUV 2015 Centre for Folk Art Production more info